2008 – A short review …

It's hard to believe that in only a few days, another year will be behind us. Let's take a look back together....

January - March

2008 started out quietly for Bahar, Mandy and Senna. After celebrating the new year 2007-2008 with an awesome performance at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in front of a million people, the girls were pretty much under cover during January and February. There were two big exceptions - the first being the videotaping of 'Jetzt wird eingelocht' for Sat.1 in Flensburg. About 1000 spectators enjoyed another exciting performance from Monrose at the 'Mountains in Motion' event at the snow-covered ski jump stadium in Oberstdorf. The second event was the videotaping of the 'Ultimate Chartshow' in Köln for RTL. The rest of their time was spent relaxing and preparing for their new album - that takes time!!

April - May

Groß-Gerau was the meeting place for the 2nd Fanclub Treffen in April! Over 400 fans had the chance to spend the entire day with Bahar, Mandy and Senna. Lots of other gigs were planned all over Germany - for instance, the Kinderfest in Berlin, Eventiz in Ingolstadt, BB-Radio Musiksommer in Neuruppin, The Dome 45 and Comet 2008. The last-mentioned event was by far the most memorable for the girls - they scooped up the coveted Comet award for best song 'Hot Summer'! When you think about it, it really was their first official award and well-deserved! Who could ever forget their sheer joy and excitement as they ran to the stage!! Then it was time for their new single, 'Strike The Match'. However, instead of using prime promotion opportunities like The Dome 45 and Comet 2008 to present their new single, they decided to keep things under wraps until 1 day before release - where they performed 'Strike The Match' on Germany's Next Top Model 3 finale show. Most viewed that as a promotional error, since 'Strike The Match' just made it to the top 10 spot for one week then steadily declined.

July - September

The third quarter of 2008 was filled with all kinds of release date chaos for the new third album, 'I Am'. Everyone was anticipating July 11th or July 18th - 12 tracks plus a bonus track, 'My Journey to the Sky' - but only hours after the official press release, the release date for 'I Am' was pushed back to September, September 5th to be exact. Unfortunately, that release date also never happened.... The album was finally released on September 26th - curiously enough one week before the release of the new single, 'Hit'n'Run'! The new tracklist was expanded to 15 songs, but not without additional changes. 'After Making Love', 'My Journey to the Sky', and 'Step Aside' were no longer in the list, but 5 new songs were - including a cover of Prince's 'A Love Bizarre'. In the meantime, the girls were busy with summer festivals, among them appearances in Munich, Remscheid, Grimma, Karlsruhe, St. Peter Ording and Marl. Even with all the chaos, 'I Am' entered the German album charts at number 9. One week later, 'Hit'n'Run', which was originally planned as a download-only single, entered the German singles charts at 16 - disappointing, since the girls themselves pushed to have it released. Unfortunately, many circumstances took away any chance 'Hit'n'Run had to be successful - including poor promotion and releasing the single a week after the album without even registering the 'Hit'n'Run' downloads to count for the charts during that pre-released week. One could say that Starwatch, Tresor-TV and Warner focused way too much on the new Popstars band without leaving any necessary resources for Monrose....

October - December

Seemingly on the brink of despair, I Am's third single, 'Why Not Us' was released in November - a song that Warner and Starwatch wanted to release as second single. The same problems from previous months arose again, including poor promotion, believed to stem from too much effort being placed on bringing the new Popstars band to their feet. 'Why Not Us' entered the German singles charts at a totally disappointing 26, the worst placement of all Monrose singles, and definitely not what the song deserved. The 3rd Fanclub-Treffen also took place in November, this time together with about 300 fans, and was again filled with emotional moments. Bahar, Mandy and Senna each spoke individually - 3 short but very heartfelt speeches that touched everyone in that hall in Groß-Gerau. After that point, the chances to see the girls perform were greatly diminished while at the same time, all stops were pulled out for the new Popstars band, Queensberry (including a concurrent release of their first album in 3 different versions a week before the finale, a newsletter on Amazon and lots of promotion). Even with all that, Queensberry's first album only made it to number 10 in the German charts, which is the worst entry position of any Popstars band's first album. So what now Starwatch, Warner and Tresor? Continue to put all of your resources in Queensberry or revitalize a girlgroup that already has a good reputation and a steady fanbase (namely, Monrose)? In any case, the decision is left up to Pro7 and team.... We'd like to wish Bahar, Mandy and Senna lots of luck and happiness in 2009 and we hope it will be better than last year and provide a fresh start!!! They already have the talent and strength, now all that's needed is the right promotional support! Maybe this can only happen when Queensberry fails to live up to their expectations...Monrose, we wish you the best!! Thanks so much to euroclub-anna for translating the review!