Our New and Improved International Section

There's always something going on behind the scenes! Just in time for the beginning of the Christmas season, we have a started a new and improved International Section this week - complete with 5 subsections! It's now much easier to join right in on the discussions with other Monrose fans around the world - all in English. As well as kicking off this new international area, we have also promoted Anna (euroclub_anna) to moderator. Starting now, she'll be taking care of the International Section. Just like the rest of the forum, you're invited to participate in the discussions about Bahar, Mandy and Senna, support the girls in fan initiatives and voting, and also have fun in the Off Topic section sharing what's on your mind. There's only one rule you need to follow : It's all in English! It's a fun opportunity to practice and improve your English skills, but don't worry about being perfect! We're a friendly bunch and Anna is there to help out if you need it. The Monrose-Forum.NET team welcomes you - see you there!