A day with Monrose in New York

A report by Anna from the USA

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share my Monrose experience with you, not only with those who already love the girls and their music, but maybe reach some folks out there who have yet to discover the wonderful world of being a Monrose fan. Before I start, I have to thank my dear colleague Marcus (mvcube) at monrose-forum.net for chatting with Joy (Monrose's manager) at the recent fanclub meeting. He, as well as my other colleagues at the forum, knew how much it would mean to me to get to say hello to Bahar, Mandy and Senna in person. I wrote a short, humble email to Joy, explaining that I've been a fan since the very beginning and would be honored to meet the girls or at least have the chance to drop off some gifts for them at their hotel's reception. What I never expected was to get a reply inviting me to visit the girls at the studio in Times Square! She said they would be busy, but I could stop by for an hour or so on Wednesday the 18th. I remember my hands trembling as I read the email! OK, so now I had about a week to get over my nervousness and figure out what I'd like to make for them! 18 Nov 2009
That day arrived before I knew it. After I bought my train ticket, I remember pacing on the platform waiting for the train - I couldn't sit or stand still. When the train finally arrived, I picked a window seat for the 2 hour and 20 minute journey to Manhattan. You won't believe this, but I actually forgot my stack of CD's I was hoping to get autographed. Well, at least I had the bag of gifts, hoping it didn't get crushed. The whole time I was anxiously thinking of what I was going to say to the girls - I started to write some things down, but then figured it was just best to take a deep breath and let things flow. My heart leaped when the conductor announced, "Express to New York - Grand Central Terminal, last stop!" This was it!
New York is one crazy place. As I got off the train, there was a camera crew filming for something or other and I had to laugh to myself, looking around to see if Monrose was there. I had about a 20 minute walk to the studio on Broadway and it was a really beautiful day for November. I found the building, rode up to the 6th floor, walked down a long hallway to the suite and rang the bell. "Hi! I'm here to see Monrose!" The guy sitting in the small reception area sent me around the corner - I knew exactly what the studio looked like already from the pictures on their website. I was trembling as I walked around the corner - and there, sitting by the window on the couch, I saw Mandy, Senna and Joy, each with lyrics in their hands, Mandy and Senna singing a capella - a wonderful sounding ballad I had never heard before. All I can remember is saying "Hi" and their names and I hugged each of them. They immediately made room for me and invited me to sit with them - I think I was still shaking! :) We chatted for a while about their trip, NYC, the flight, the clubs and nightlife, hamburgers, pizza, shopping and tons of other things. Then Senna said to me, "Hey, let's go to TopShop!" Well, of course they were working, so the time wasn't right, but I would have been ready to go! It was amazing how comfortable I felt with them after such a short period of time - like we had known eachother for years already! They are so warm and friendly and open. I asked Mandy if anyone recognized them in the street and she said 6 times already, including an American girl - how awesome is that? Recognized in New York City! I'll bet there are more fans out there than we can count! What an appropriate time to ask Mandy and Senna to share a little message! (click on the picture to get the movie) They are so totally sweet! But wait - where is Bahar? I haven't seen her yet! Joy told me she was in the recording booth, would I like to go in and watch for a while? Of course! She was currently recording her part of a new up-tempo track for the new album - all I can say is awesome! I wish I could tell you guys more, but this track has hit potential in my opinion! Who knows? It may even be my new favorite Monrose track! She was pretty close to being finished, so I finally got to say hi and give her a big hug! We only had a few minutes to chat because they were working and I tried to stay out of their way! So, to accomplish that, I stepped back into the recording area to watch Mandy. It was fun listening to the banter between her and the producers - I'll try to put a few little clips out there for you too. Then I got to hear Mandy's stanza and most of the refrain - really, this song is amazing!
I really believe this album will be a huge success. The girls told me that track is one of their favorites but as far as the next single is concerned, they haven't yet decided. I then had a wonderful opportunity to chat with Joy. She really is a beautiful person and it's great to see how well she gets along with Bahar, Mandy and Senna. The main focus of our conversation was how to increase Monrose's presence in the US - including the possibility of starting an official fanclub here. I told her it would be an honor for me to be involved and I'd love to continue to support the girls and their career in every way I can. We talked about the success so far of the various videos with English subtitles. I have gotten only positive feedback from folks from many different countries and I think it's important for fans to not only know Monrose's music, but also to know the girls a bit more 'personally' - and that they can do when they understand what they are saying in interviews and the like. We'll probably start small and grow from there but I'm totally excited! Hopefully we'll have some news on that for you soon. OK, we had to get out of the way. A camera crew was there to film some vignettes of the girls - how things are going in New York and how things are moving along with the new album among various other topics and I suspect you guys will get to see part of that on TV there (so I'll be watching for it on youtube :) ) OMG, Joy told me they would be opening up my little gifts on camera! I had already placed the gift bags on the bar in the corner and totally forgot that they hadn't yet opened them! I hope it's ok to show you guys what I made for them - I love making gifts for my friends and my family and I totally put my heart into it! I wanted the theme to be "Monrose in New York", so here's what I came up with : "M", "B" und "S" multi media collages; "Monrose in New York" key rings, each with their names on the back; a hand designed "Monrose in New York" tunic-style T-shirt (they each got one in white and teal) and I also made them New York State license plates with their names on it. It was so sweet to see how much the girls liked everything - they even tried on the shirts! After that, they went back over to the window and continued with the interview. I hope they show most of it, the girls were just so happy and animated! I then got the chance to follow the girls into the acoustic studio - one of the highlights of the afternoon! Right before my eyes, they were warming up and singing one of their new ballads, accompanied only by a guitar. It was absolutely beautiful and moving and of course sung with total emotion - Monrose is so incredibly talented! The camera crew would be back in to tape them again, so maybe you guys will get a preview over there!
It was so wonderful to have been able to observe them at work in the studio, especially doing their warmup exercises! Even though they were still working, I got to catch each of them during a little break to sign a T-shirt for me. Well, it didn't go as well as I had hoped - I bought this special marker for fabric, and it hardly worked at all. Maybe it was that the fabric was too sheer, but they tried their best and it's a treasure! They each then took the notebook I had placed between the fabric so the marker wouldn't bleed through, and wrote me a heartfelt page-long letter, something else I will always treasure! It was such an emotional and unforgettable day. I can't say enough about how wonderful and sweet and friendly Joy and the girls were and are. It was easy to see how Monrose is so successful, just experiencing the dynamics between them firsthand. They get along so well, are totally full of life, amazingly talented and so totally beautiful, inside and outside. Wow, it's so easy to be a fan :D! Also worth mentioning is how many times they talked about us, their fans ... how important we are to them and it totally showed that it came from the heart. It makes me so proud to be a Monrose fan, and I always will be. I am so grateful and thankful and humble for having such a wonderful opportunity and I'm so happy to have been able to share this with you - and as I said in the beginning, if you aren't a Monrose fan yet, I think you will be soon! Just have a closer look at Bahar, Mandy and Senna - not only their awesome music, but also the personalities behind the talent. Well, Mandy was back in the recording booth, but I caught Senna and Bahar as they were heading downstairs for a short break! The video is short but totally funny. Check it out by clicking on the picture. Senna had to head back upstairs but I went shopping around the corner with Bahar! She really loved this purple watch - it was so cool! Unfortunately, there weren't any left in the case and the salesman said it would take at least 10 minutes to pull the only one they had left out of the window because there were so many things stacked behind it and in front of it in the huge window display....and proceeded to show us a video camera - no thanks! Too bad, because Bahar needed to get back upstairs to the studio, but not before she showed me something else she had her eye on - a zebra patterned suitcase! After we got back upstairs, things got really busy again and I didn't want to be in the way or overstay my welcome, so I started to say goodbye. I think I hugged them each at least 30 times during the course of the afternoon! I'll never forget what happened right before I left - Senna said she wanted to give me something - and she pulled a euro out of her pocket and handed it to me. That's my lucky euro, and whenever I rub it, think of them. It's the small things in life that really matter and I totally agree! Thank you so much, Bahar, Mandy, Senna and Joy! Thanks for an unforgettable day and a wonderful experience to pass on! I totally can't wait for the 4th album - it's gonna be big! Oh! And by the way, Happy 3th Birthday, Monrose! I'll be a fan forever.