Do you believe in Monrose? Get active!

"Fingers can be broken, but not a fist." – This phrase was also used by Bahar Kizil from Monrose. And in our opinion it fits just well: Three bases are important for the success of Monrose: Monrose, the management and the fans. Without Bahar, Mandy and Senna Monrose wouldn't exist. Without the management the product "Monrose" would not work. And without the fans the product "Monrose" would't be sold. Join the Monrose-Fan-Movement "Active for Monrose" We fans will have to focus our activities on the second base. If one of the three bases doesn't stand on the rules for the concept "a successful Monrose" all three bases have one's ass on the line - that's a fact. The management is the most unsteady and the most risky base. It's known, that the management didn't expect this success and so it has difficulties to deal with this unforeseen situation. Therefore Bahar. Mandy and Senna and the fans have to hope preferentially for the ongoing support by the second base, the management. Because without the management nothing will work. The hope now can be marched in different ways. It's not up to Monrose, whether the management will support them or not. But it is up to the third base - the fans. It's up to you! The concept for success Due to this the only meaningful concept of success is to stick together, stick together and last, but not least: stick together. The fans are the real drivers for all important decisions. So, dear fans: Don't give up this position airy by becoming silent fans because of usage. This would have dreadful consequences for Monrose. Monrose only lives because of you. So become active for Monrose and support Bahar. Mandy and Senna. Raise your voice and get louder! What can you do ? There are lots of options:
  • Media coverage for Monrose Use the list of radio stations provided by us and vote for Monrose at the radio charts of your prefered radio station or send your music wishes to your radio station. That's the only way if we want to hear the songs of Monrose on radio. This activity has significantly the biggest effect by far. It is completely for free. 5 minutes each day with a huge effect.
  • Visit of the concerts Regardless how old your are, the concerts are an unique experience - great live-voice paired with a perfect stage-performance. Each cent is worth it.
  • Participation on fan actions There are lots of different fan-actions, which were announced within the community. Take part. The girls will be happy about each active fan.
Only together we can effect sommething. Support Monrose, Join the fan-movement "Active for Monrose!".