Die 10 Gebote – A Fan Report

On Sunday, January 17th, Dieter Falk's pop-oratorio celebrated it's premiere! Dragonfly, one of our community members, was there and has written an exclusive report for MonroseNET. She has even provided us with some video clips which can be found at the end of the report. What a feast for the ears! With a chorus of 2500 people, the pop-oratorio "The Ten Commandments" premiered yesterday evening in Dortmund. And I was there to experience this vocal extravaganza!

Ten thousand people packed the Westphalen Hall on Sunday evening to listen to the new masterpiece by Dieter Falk and Michael Kunze. The doors opened up at 5:00pm and the entry was well-organized. We had great seats way up front in the middle with a nice view of the entire stage. The huge chorus was warming up as the audience filled the hall. They chanted, clapped and started a wave. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation! Bahar's family, as well as her boyfriend Sofiane, were sitting 2 rows in front of me.

The production started at 6:05pm. The rest of the chorus, all dressed in white, took their positions behind the stage. Then the orchestra, all dressed in black, took their seats as the chorus applauded. I could barely sit still in my seat as the conductor took the podium.

After a brief announcement and a donation request for the victims of Haiti's earthquake, the show finally began. Paul, Dieter Falk's son, and Yosefin "Yoyo" Buohler (known from Germany's RTL show "Das Supertalent" back in 2008 ) started to lyrically tell the story. Paul Falk delivered an exciting performance and Yoyo has a beautiful voice.

It's hard to describe everything in words, that's how amazing it was! Bahar as Zipporah charmed the audience. I had goosebumps! Zipporah took her sheep to the watering hole and the mob assaulted her. Moses came to help her. The music was totally engaging during the confrontation. Michael Eisenburger, who played Moses, is a nice looking man with a great voice and charisma.

Then there was the thornbush. Bonita Jeanetta Niessen (known from Stefan Raab's "SSDSGPS" casting from 2005), a strong-voiced singer, stood on a pedestal as an angel all dressed in white. It was beautiful as she raised her arms, revealing her wings. It gave me goosebumps! God's voice, played by Otto Sander, rumbled thunderously over the loudspeaker.

Then Zipporah and Moses sang a duett - awesome! I had tears in my eyes. Frank Logemann (known from the German shows "Unter uns", "Die Wache", "Jede Menge Leben" and "Lindenstrasse"), appeared on the stage as Aaron, the mediator.

The next part was really cool. Stefan Polslovski took the stage as the Pharaoh, dressed in leopard print and a purple shirt and belted out a rock version of "It's Hard to be a God". The audience loved him.

One of the biggest highlights for me was "Zipporah's Acceptance". Bahar, the tiny woman with the huge voice, all alone on the stage. All eyes were on her as she projected love and tranquility. It looked like a starry sky as the chorus lifted their pocket lights.

I'd also like to mention one of the violinists. She stood there with her eyes closed, playing with so much emotion. A chorus of 2500 people was also very moving.

Evenryone rose from their seats for the encore. Everyone danced and clapped just like in a gospel movie. The soloists took the stage again during an almost 10 minute long standing ovation. Bahar was beaming like I've never seen before. It must have been a great feeling for her.

Here are 2 videos to share some of my experience:

Best of "Die 10 Gebote" - Part 1
Best of "Die 10 Gebote" - Part 2

The only thing I would criticize: there was only a 20 minute intermission for 10,000 people - hardly enough time.

Sincerely, Dragonfly